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Associations of clinical personnel characteristics and telemedicine practices

Gunnar Phillips, BS; Robert Millhollon, BS; Covenant Elenwo, MPH; Alicia Ito Ford, PhD; Natasha Bray, DO; and Micah Hartwell, PhD
This study aims to assess the use of telemedicine by physicians in 2021, based on four demographics utilizing the National Electronic Health Record Survey (NEHRS): physician age, sex, specialty, and training.
Letters to the Editor

Regarding “Issues of informed consent for non-specialists conducting colorectal cancer screenings”

Sareena Ali, DO; Robert Mowery, DO; and Ryan T. Hoff, DO

Investigating Fryette’s mechanics in computed tomography scans: an analysis of vertebrae spinal physiology using open-sourced datasets and three-dimensional vertebral orientation

Dillon R. Haughton, DO; Emily C. Barr, DO, MBA; Akhil K. Gupta, BS; Walker C. Toohey, BS; and Adrienne M. Kania, DO, FAAO
This analysis aims to evaluate the efficacy of Fryette’s principles in predicting vertebral positioning in CT scans by comparing their 3-dimensional orientation to movements described by Fryette.

Journal of Osteopathic Medicine Receives an Impact Factor!

The Journal of Osteopathic Medicine (JOM) recently received an Impact Factor! The JOM’s current Impact Factor is 1.5 and the journal will be included in the “Medicine, General and Internal” category. Read more about this monumental achievement here.

Proposed Amendments to AOA Governance Documents

View the proposed amendments to the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) Governance Documents, which will be presented at the 2024 Annual Meeting of the House of Delegates on July 19-21, 2024.

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Raynaud’s phenomenon

A woman presented to the allergy and immunology clinic having noted recurrent episodes of pallor in her fingers for the past 5 years. This blanching occurred somewhat symmetrically and circumferentially, and it always began at the tip of the digits. Read more