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Tumid lupus masquerading as rosacea

Austin B. Ambur, DO; Mahroo Khalid, MD; Aaron B. Ambur, BS; Kiana Kaya, BS; and Rajiv Nathoo, MD

Research integrity and academic medicine: the pressure to publish and research misconduct

Molly Kearney, MSc; Maren Downing, MEng; and Elizabeth A. Gignac, DO
In this review, the authors explore existing guidelines for authorship, common types of research misconduct, the implications of scholarly work for medical learners and faculty, consequences of research misconduct, and possible solutions to promote integrity in academic medicine.
Musculoskeletal Medicine and Pain

Use of person-centered language in obesity-related publications across sports medicine journals: a systematic review of adherence to person-centered language guidelines in sports medicine

Jason Webb, BA; Kaylee Mach, BS; Trey Gooch, BS; Arjun Reddy, BS; Michael Anderson, DO; Jeremy Scott, DO; Jake Checketts, DO; Lance Walker, DO; and Micah Hartwell, PhD
The authors' primary objective was to determine if person-centered language guidelines specific to obesity have been properly followed in the top 10 sports medicine journals.

Journal of Osteopathic Medicine Receives an Impact Factor!

The Journal of Osteopathic Medicine (JOM) recently received an Impact Factor! The JOM’s current Impact Factor is 1.5 and the journal will be included in the “Medicine, General and Internal” category. Read more about this monumental achievement here.

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Raynaud’s phenomenon

A woman presented to the allergy and immunology clinic having noted recurrent episodes of pallor in her fingers for the past 5 years. This blanching occurred somewhat symmetrically and circumferentially, and it always began at the tip of the digits. Read more