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Management of Falls and Balance Disorders in the Elderly

Donald R. Noll, DO
Notes and Affiliations
Notes and Affiliations

Received: February 14, 2012

Accepted: September 26, 2012

Published: January 1, 2013

  • Donald R. Noll, DO, 

    From the New Jersey Institute for Successful Aging at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-School of Osteopathic Medicine in Stratford

J Osteopath Med; 113(1): 17-22

Falls, gait disturbances, and balance disorders are common clinical problems for the elderly, and these problems are associated with considerable morbidity. However, the literature reports relatively few effective treatment options, such as vitamin D replacement, exercise and physical therapy, and tai chi. Because of the limited number of available effective interventions, there is a need to explore other approaches, such as osteopathic manipulative treatment. The author reviews the limited body of literature relating to the use of manipulation for reducing fall events and improving gait and balance in the elderly. At this time, there are new opportunities for clinical and basic science research to investigate emerging uses of osteopathic manipulative treatment for managing falls, gait disturbances, and balance disorders.

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