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Antidepressant Discontinuation Syndrome: A Common But Underappreciated Clinical Problem

Mireille Rizkalla, PhD; Bryan Kowalkowski, OMS III; and Walter C. Prozialeck, PhD
Notes and Affiliations
Notes and Affiliations

Accepted: November 12, 2019

Published: February 20, 2020

J Osteopath Med; 120(3): 174-178

Antidepressants are a diverse group of medications commonly used as front-line agents for the treatment of various forms of depression. However, many of these medications are also used to manage other conditions, such as obsessive-compulsive disorders, generalized anxiety disorders, eating disorders, neuropathic pain syndromes, and chronic pain syndromes. Given the widespread use of antidepressants, physicians may be driven by an overestimated consideration of potential benefits, while appraisal of adverse effects are, by comparison, often overlooked.

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