Articles related toBehavioral Health

Postpartum Thyroid Measures and Depressive Symptomology: A Pilot Study

Sarah J. Breese McCoy, PhD; J. Martin Beal, DO; Mark E. Payton, PhD; Audra L. Stewart, DO; Ariana M. DeMers, DO; and Gary H. Watson, PhD
J Osteopath Med; 108(9): 503-507

Toward an Osteopathic Psychiatry: The Biocognitive Model of Mind

Niall McLaren, MBBS, FRANZCP
J Osteopath Med; 110(12): 725-732

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Failed Back Surgery Syndrome: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Gregory Esmer, DO; James Blum, PhD; Joanna Rulf, OMS IV; and John Pier, MD
J Osteopath Med; 110(11): 646-652

Potential for Pregabalin Abuse or Diversion After Past Drug-Seeking Behavior

Frank A. Filipetto, DO; Christopher P. Zipp, DO; and Joshua S. Coren, DO, MBA
J Osteopath Med; 110(10): 605-607

Combat-Related Mental Health Disorders: The Case for Resiliency in The Long War

COL Daryl J. Callahan, DO, MSS, MC, USA
J Osteopath Med; 110(9): 520-527

Assessment of Anxiety and Depression in Primary Care: Value of a Four-Item Questionnaire

Michael R. Rickels, MD; Sarosh Khalid-Khan, MD; Robert Gallop, PhD; and Karl Rickels, MD
J Osteopath Med; 109(4): 216-219

Improving the Quality of Suicide Risk Assessments in the Psychiatric Emergency Setting: Physician Documentation of Process Indicators

Satinder K. Mahal, DO; Christopher B. Chee, DO; June C.Y. Lee, DO; Tri Nguyen, DO; and Benjamin K.P. Woo, MD
J Osteopath Med; 109(7): 354-358

Treatment of Adults With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

David A. Baron, DO, MSEd; Michele T. Pato, MD; and Rebecca L. Cyr, BA
J Osteopath Med; 111(11): 610-614

Depression, Somatization, and Somatic Dysfunction in Patients With Nonspecific Chronic Low Back Pain: Results From the OSTEOPATHIC Trial

John C. Licciardone, DO, MS, MBA; Robert J. Gatchel, PhD; Cathleen M. Kearns, BA; and Dennis E. Minotti, DO
J Osteopath Med; 112(12): 783-791

Validation of a Triage Algorithm for Psychiatric Screening (TAPS) for Patients With Psychiatric Chief Complaints

Andrew C. Miller, DO; Steven P. Frei, MD; Valerie A. Rupp, RN, BSN; Brian S. Joho, RN; Kerry M. Miller, RN; and William F. Bond, MD
J Osteopath Med; 112(8): 502-508