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Investigating Fryette’s mechanics in computed tomography scans: an analysis of vertebrae spinal physiology using open-sourced datasets and three-dimensional vertebral orientation

Dillon R. Haughton, DO; Emily C. Barr, DO, MBA; Akhil K. Gupta, BS; Walker C. Toohey, BS; and Adrienne M. Kania, DO, FAAO
This analysis aims to evaluate the efficacy of Fryette’s principles in predicting vertebral positioning in CT scans by comparing their 3-dimensional orientation to movements described by Fryette.
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Effect of manual manipulation on mechanical gait parameters

Solomon B. Yanuck, BA; Sarah K. Fox, BS; Bethany R. Harting, BA; and Thomas M. Motyka, DO, MHPE
This study was designed to perform a systematic review of the literature to assess the impact of manual medicine modalities on biomechanical parameters of gait.
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Investigating the safety and feasibility of osteopathic manipulative medicine in hospitalized children and adolescent young adults with cancer

Jennifer A. Belsky, MS, DO; and Amber M. Brown, MS, DO
In this study, the authors investigated the safety and feasibility of osteopathic manipulative treatment in a pediatric oncology inpatient setting.
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Interoceptive bodily awareness in patients seeking pain relief with osteopathic manipulative treatment: an observational cohort pilot study

Danielle K. Emmet, DO; Glenn Davis, MS; Stacey Pierce-Talsma, DO, MS; Jay H. Shubrook, DO; and Wolf Mehling, MD
The authors conducted a pilot study to measure interoceptive bodily awareness in patients seeking osteopathic manipulative treatment for pain.
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The effect of osteopathic manipulative treatment on quality of life in patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices

Jacqueline Nikakis, MBS; Ermin Tale, BS; Denis Malkov, MD; Uddampreet S. Arora, BS; Jordan Keys, DO; To Shan Li, DO; Sheldon C. Yao, DO; and Todd J. Cohen, MD
The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of OMT on quality of life in in patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices
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Effectiveness of osteopathic manipulative applications on HPA axis in youth with major depressive disorder: a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Ömer O. Pala, PT, MSc, PhD; Seyit Çıtaker, PT, MSc, PhD; Esra Güney, MD; Aylin Sepici, MD; Güner M. Güveli, MD; Burak Arslan, MD; and Meltem Gürü, MD
This study evaluated the effectiveness of the osteopathic sympathetic harmonization on the sympathetic nervous system and the hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis in youth with major depressive disorder.
J Osteopath Med; 124(6): 267-275

The short- and long-term effect of osteopathic manipulative treatment on pain, and psychosocial factors in adults with chronic low back pain

Clarence L. Nicodemus, DO, PhD; Jessica Epstein, MS; Marianne Huebner, PhD; Barry DeCicco, MS; and Moaid Shaik
The objectives of this study were to investigate the effectiveness of neuromusculoskeletal medicine/osteopathic manipulative medicine in treating chronic low back pain, with a focus on biopsychosocial and pain control in chronic conditions.
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The effects of osteopathic manipulative treatment on pain and disability in patients with chronic low back pain: a single-blinded randomized controlled trial

John M. Popovich, PT, DPT, PhD; Jacek Cholewicki, PhD; N. Peter Reeves, PhD; Lisa A. DeStefano, DO; Jacob J. Rowan, DO; Timothy J. Francisco, DO; Lawrence L. Prokop, DO; Mathew A. Zatkin, DO; Angela S. Lee, MPH; Alla Sikorskii, PhD; Pramod K. Pathak, PhD; Jongeun Choi, PhD; Clark J. Radcliffe, PhD; and Ahmed Ramadan, PhD
The purpose of this study is to further investigate the findings of existing studies on the efficacy of OMT in reducing pain and disability for chronic low back pain with a randomized controlled trial.
J Osteopath Med; 124(5): 219-230

Augmentation of immune response to vaccinations through osteopathic manipulative treatment: a study of procedure

Jesus Sanchez, Jr., DO, MSPHE, MA; Eric S. Martinez, BS; Brian Loveless, DO; Julieanne P. Sees, DO, MBA; Joseph Zammuto, DO; Hendrik Szurmant, PhD; Sebastien Fuchs, MD, PhD; Paula Crone, DO; and Robert Hostoffer, DO, LhD, MBA, MSMEd
This article describes a proposed protocol to evaluate the effects of osteopathic manipulative treatment on antibody generation in the peripheral circulation in response to a vaccine and its possible use in the augmentation of various vaccines.
J Osteopath Med; 124(4): 163-170

Transrectal osteopathic manipulation treatment for chronic coccydynia: feasibility, acceptability and patient-oriented outcomes in a quality improvement project

Bobby Nourani, DO; Derek Norton, MS; William Kuchera, DO; and David Rabago, MD
The authors aimed to conduct a quality improvement study to explore the feasibility, acceptability, and clinical effects of transrectal osteopathic manipulative treatment for chronic coccydynia in a primary care setting.
J Osteopath Med; 124(2): 77-83