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U.S. medical school admissions and enrollment practices: status of LGBTQ inclusivity

Reid M. Gamble, BS; Andrew M. Pregnall, MS; Angie Deng, MSN; Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH; and Jan Talley, PhD, MA, MSW
The failure to collect information on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) identity in healthcare and medical education is a part of a systemic problem that limits academic medical institutions’ ability to address LGBTQ health disparities. In this paper, the authors determine whether accurate sexual and gender minority demographic data is being consistently collected for all US medical schools during admissions and enrollment, and whether differences exist between collection practices at osteopathic and allopathic schools.
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Analyzing the cost of medical student virtual conference registration by specialty during the COVID-19 pandemic

Daniel Veyg, BS, OMS III, and Robert Gurevich, BBA, MS III
The authors investigate the cost incurred by medical students to attend the premier annual scientific meeting of each major medical specialty in 2020, during the novel coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, and evaluate whether “research intensive” specialties carried greater conference registration costs.
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Effect of a standardized patient encounter on first year medical student confidence and satisfaction with telemedicine

Emily L. Unrue, OMS II; Grayson White, OMS II; Ning Cheng, PhD; and Tom Lindsey, DO, FACOS
One hundred and sixty two first year medical students recruited from Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine-Carolinas campus were surveyed to evaluate the role of a standardized patient encounter on first year medical student confidence and satisfaction in using telemedicine.
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COMLEX-USA and In-Service Examination Scores: Tools for Evaluating Medical Knowledge Among Residents

Susan C. Sevensma, DO; Gerri Navarre, MSW; and Robert K. Richards, PhD
J Osteopath Med; 108(12): 713-716

Ultrasonography in Preclinical Education: A Pilot Study

Virginia A. Syperda, DO, EdD, MBA; Puja N. Trivedi, OMS IV; Lauren C. Melo, OMS IV; Morganna L. Freeman, OMS IV; Eric J. Ledermann, OMS IV, MBA; Travis M. Smith, OMS IV; and James O. Alben, PhD
J Osteopath Med; 108(10): 601-605

Establishing osteopathic assessments to fulfill osteopathic recognition standards: a model for dermatology and other subspecialties

Scott J. Mahlberg, DO; Yujie Linda Liou, DO; and Jenifer Lloyd, DO
In this Commentary, based on the results of a literature review, the authors propose a model to provide a focused osteopathic assessment for the purposes of maintaining Osteopathic Recognition within residency training programs based on the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education’s six core competencies. Examples of multiple choice and essay questions are provided, as is a rubric for grading. The model is applied to the field of dermatology in this article but proposed as a blueprint for other subspecialties.
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Effect of a required online graded curriculum in the clerkship years on medical student national standardized examination performance

Kelli Glaser, DO; Vanessa Pazdernik, MS; Denise Sackett, DO; and Valerie Sheridan, DO
To determine whether third year and fourth year students receiving a new online curricula during core clerkship at A.T. Still University’s School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona performed better overall on national standardized examinations than students from previous years who had not received the curricula, the authors conducted a retrospective cohort study of 713 students from the classes of 2017-2020 (curriculum group) and 2014-2016 (precurriculum group).
J Osteopath Med; 121(8): 673-685

Introducing Osteopathic Medical Education in an Allopathic Residency

Amity Rubeor, DO; Melissa Nothnagle, MD; and Julie Scott Taylor, MD, MSc
J Osteopath Med; 108(8): 404-408

Spirituality and Medicine: Prevalence of Spirituality-in-Medicine Instruction at Osteopathic Medical Schools

Elizabeth K. McClain, EdS; Rance L. McClain, DO; Gautam J. Desai, DO; and Sara A. Pyle, PhD
J Osteopath Med; 108(4): 197-202

Medical Education Summits: Building a Solid Foundation for the Future of the Osteopathic Medical Profession

D. Keith Watson, DO, and Karen J. Nichols, DO
J Osteopath Med; 108(3): 110-115