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Common outpatient diagnoses and associated treatments logged by osteopathic medical students within a geriatric population

Hannah C. Coulson, DO; Miriam Brown, DO; Kyle Burke, DO; Emma Griffith, DO; Victoria Shadiack, DO; Harold R. Garner, PhD; and Jaime A. Foushee, PharmD
This study aimed to assess the most common diagnoses and corresponding treatments logged by osteopathic medical students within an ambulatory geriatric population.
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On-site peer mentorship’s effect on personal and professional development, stress reduction, and ease of transition into the medical education system

Savannah Whitfield, DO; Caryn Hazard, BS; Brittnee Haynes, DO; Todd Coffey, PhD; Launa Lynch, PhD; and Sarah Davis, DO
The purpose of this study was to identify sources of mentorship within the medical education system and compare the subjective growth of the inaugural and second classes of a newly established medical school in the three domains.
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DO seniors and IMGs have lower match probabilities than MD seniors after adjusting for specialty choice and USMLE Step 1 score

Dhimitri A. Nikolla, DO, MS; Kaitlin M. Bowers, DO; Brittany Smith, BS; Christina L. Elsayed, BS; Abigail Daniels, MS; Thomas Sandoval, BS; Kyle J. Hitchman, BS; Irtaza Asar, DO; Dillon C. Kolacz, MD; and Vishnu Mudrakola, DO
The objective of this study was to compare match probabilities between applicant types after adjusting for specialty choice and United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1 scores.
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Where are the Black men in osteopathic medical schools?

Michael N. Megafu, MPH
Despite concerted efforts, the representation of underrepresented populations in medicine, particularly Black men, remains alarmingly low. This commentary delves into the persisting challenges and potential solutions surrounding the lack of diversity of Black men in osteopathic schools.
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Examining differences in trends in the orthopedic surgery match for osteopathic and allopathic medical graduates after the transition to single accreditation

Robert S. Wood, DO; and Jacqueline Krumrey, MD
This paper examines the differences in the trends in orthopedic surgery match rates for DO vs. MD applicants since the single accreditation merger transition began in 2015.
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A validity study of COMLEX-USA Level 3 with the new test design

Xia Mao, PhD; John R. Boulet, PhD; Jeanne M. Sandella, DO; Michael F. Oliverio, DO; and Larissa Smith, PhD
The purpose of this investigation is to provide additional evidence to support the validity of COMLEX-USA Level 3 scores and associated pass/fail decisions.
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Prevalence and quality of medical Spanish education in US osteopathic medical schools: a national survey

Kally Dey, BA; Sinibaldo Romero Arocha, BS; Yoon Soo Park, PhD; and Pilar Ortega, MD, MGM
The objectives of this study are to describe the medical Spanish educational landscape at US osteopathic schools and evaluate program adherence to previously established basic standards.
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A superficial dissection approach to the sphenopalatine (pterygopalatine) ganglion to emphasize osteopathic clinical relevance

Olivia C. Matz, MSA; Laura J. Rudberg-Post, BA; Hannah C. Gustafson, MSA, MSBS; and Donald G. Matz, PhD
In this Clinical Practice article, the authors discuss that cadaveric dissection with a superficial to deep approach to the sphenopalatine (pterygopalatine) ganglion has the ability to allow medical students and physicians to better understand the three-dimensional location and osteopathic clinical relevance of this ganglion.
J Osteopath Med; 124(4): 147-152

Perception of opioids among medical students: unveiling the complexities and implications

Samuel Borgemenke, BS; Nicholas Durstock, BS; Lori DeShetler, PhD; Coral Matus, MD, FAAFP; and Elizabeth A. Beverly, PhD
This study aims to explore the beliefs, experiences, and perceived impact of opioids among medical students at Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine and University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences.
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Diversity in osteopathic medical school admissions and the COMPASS program: an update

Nadege Dady, EdD; Steven Toplan, MS; Jeffrey Gardere, PhD; Robin Moore, DO; Lorreen Agandi, MS; Ulcha Fergie Ulysse, MS; Aida Aminpour, BA; McKensie Gelvin, BS; Jemima Akinsanya, DO; and Kenneth Steier, DO, MBA, MPH, MHA, MGH
In this Commentary, the authors provide an analysis of the data collected from 8 years of conducting URiM candidate recruitment and organizing welcoming social events.
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