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Utilizing the Four Tenets of Osteopathic Medicine as an intersectional framework for approaching sexual orientation and gender identity disclosure as a provider

Timothy L. Counce, Jr, OMS III; Amy Ko, OMS III; Anthony D. Martinez, OMS III; Jenna M. Rivera, OMS III; Carol Browne, DO; and Linda Solis, PhD
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, and other (LGBTQI+) community continues to experience health inequity and unmet needs. This manuscript examines the application of the Four Tenets of Osteopathic Medicine during a patient’s self-disclosure of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity to the provider, also known as coming out.
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Frontmatter, October 2021 Issue

J Osteopath Med; 121(10): i-iv

Frontmatter, September 2021 Issue

J Osteopath Med; 121(9): i-iv

Mechanism-of-Injury Approach to Evaluating Patients With Blast-Related Polytrauma

Steven G. Scott, DO; Heather G. Belanger, PhD; Rodney D. Vanderploeg, PhD; Jill Massengale, ARNP; and Joel Scholten, MD
J Osteopath Med; 106(5): 265-270

Medical and Legal Issues Related to Brachial Plexus Injuries in Neonates

Gary N. McAbee, DO, JD; and Carman Ciervo, DO
J Osteopath Med; 106(4): 209-212

Factors Associated With High-Severity Disciplinary Action by a State Medical Board: A Texas Study of Medical License Revocation

Roberto Cardarelli, DO, MPH, and John C. Licciardone, DO, MBA
J Osteopath Med; 106(3): 153-156

US Military Smallpox Vaccination Program: Occupational Impact of Immunizations on Aircrew in Air Mobility Command, US Air Force

Les R. Folio, DO, MPH, USAF, MC, and Eveline F. Yao, MD, USAF, MC
J Osteopath Med; 107(12): 547-553

Intercountry Adoptions: Medical Aspects for the Whole Family

Stanley E. Grogg, DO, and Barbara C. Grogg, MS, RN
J Osteopath Med; 107(11): 481-489

Body Art: Attitudes and Practices Regarding Body Piercing Among Urban Undergraduates

Cindy M. Schorzman, MD; Melanie A. Gold, DO; Julie S. Downs, PhD; and Pamela J. Murray, MD, MHP (Australia)
J Osteopath Med; 107(10): 432-438

Evidence-Based Medicine, Part 1. An Introduction to Creating an Answerable Question and Searching the Evidence

Richard F. Virgilio, DO; Ana Luz Chiapa, MS; and Elizabeth A. Palmarozzi, DO
J Osteopath Med; 107(8): 295-297