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Foley Catheter vs Prostaglandin as Ripening Agent in Pregnant Women With Premature Rupture of Membranes

A. Dhanya Mackeen, MD, MPH; LaToya Walker, MD; Kelly Ruhstaller, MD; Meike Schuster, DO; and Anthony Sciscione, DO
J Osteopath Med; 114(9): 686-692

Association of Maternal Hypoglycemia With Low Birth Weight and Low Placental Weight: A Retrospective Investigation

Elsa S. Vadakekut, DO; Sarah J. Breese McCoy, PhD; and Mark E. Payton, PhD
J Osteopath Med; 111(3): 148-152

Association Between Method of Delivery and Exclusive Breastfeeding at Hospital Discharge

David Kling; Zelalem T. Haile, PhD, MPH; John Francescon; and Ilana Chertok, PhD, MSN, RN, IBCLC
The authors examine the association between method of delivery and exclusive breastfeeding at hospital discharge.
J Osteopath Med; 116(7): 430-439

Management of Cesarean Deliveries and Cesarean Scars With Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment: A Brief Report

Daniel Martingano, DO
The author presents 4 cases of cesarean delivery in which osteopathic manipulative treatment was integrated with successful outcomes.
J Osteopath Med; 116(7): e22-e30

Osteopathic Approach to the Diagnosis of Appendiceal Mucinous Cystadenocarcinoma Mimicking Primary Ovarian Malignant Neoplasm

Daniel Martingano, DO; Hashroop Gurm, OMS III; Andrew Oliff, MD; Francis X. Martingano, MD; and George Aglialoro, DO
The authors describe a 42-year-old woman who was admitted to the department of obstetrics and gynecology to receive treatment for presumed advanced-stage ovarian cancer.
J Osteopath Med; 116(7): 480-484

Association Between WIC Enrollment and Exclusive Breastfeeding at 3 Months Postpartum Among Low-Income Mothers

John Francescon, OMS III; Zelalem T. Haile, PhD, MPH; David Kling, OMS III; and Ilana Chertok, PhD, MSN, RN, IBCLC
The authors examine the association between exposure to the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) and exclusive breastfeeding at 3 months postpartum.
J Osteopath Med; 116(12): 770-779

PROMOTE Study: Safety of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment During the Third Trimester by Labor and Delivery Outcomes

Kendi L. Hensel, DO, PhD; Brandy M. Roane, PhD; Anita Vikas Chaphekar, OMS III; and Peggy Smith-Barbaro, PhD
The authors evaluate the safety of an OMT protocol applied during the third trimester of pregnancy by analyzing incidence of high-risk status and labor and delivery outcomes.
J Osteopath Med; 116(11): 698-703

Intact Cornual Ectopic Pregnancy and Dermoid Cyst With Intraoperative Rupture

Daniel Martingano, DO, and Francis X. Martingano, MD
The authors describe the case of a 29-year-old woman who was suspected of having a cornual pregnancy, and a dermoid cyst had been detected during routine ultrasonography.
J Osteopath Med; 116(5): 316-319

Management of Acute Isolated Soleal Vein Thrombosis in a Pregnant Patient With an Osteopathic Approach to Evaluation

Daniel Martingano, DO; Justin Eisenberg, DO; and George C. Aglialoro, DO
The authors present the case of a 37-year-old woman with a history of recurrent spontaneous abortions and cervical insufficiency who presented with a short cervix and acute right isolated soleal vein thrombosis.
J Osteopath Med; 116(1): 50-54

Prevention of Progressive Back-Specific Dysfunction During Pregnancy: An Assessment of Osteopathic Manual Treatment Based on Cochrane Back Review Group Criteria

John C. Licciardone, DO, MS, MBA, and Subhash Aryal, PhD
J Osteopath Med; 113(10): 728-736