Musculoskeletal Medicine and PainCASE REPORT

Arm Pain and Swelling in a College Swimmer: A Case of Paget-Schroetter Syndrome

Richard Davis, DO; Eliza Reed, DO; and Chadd Kraus, DO
Notes and Affiliations
Notes and Affiliations

Received: July 6, 2019

Accepted: July 12, 2019

Published: January 13, 2020

J Osteopath Med; 120(2): 118-120

A 20-year-old male swimmer presented to the emergency department with right arm pain and swelling several days after a weight training session following swim team practice. The initial diagnosis was muscle strain, and the patient was discharged. The next day, he was evaluated by his swim team physician, who ordered right upper extremity duplex ultrasonographic imaging, which revealed no flow and thrombosis in the subclavian and axillary veins, and Paget-Schroetter syndrome was diagnosed. He subsequently had a mechanical thrombectomy and catheter-directed thrombolysis was initiated with placement of a lytic catheter for continuous infusion of tissue type plasminogen activator.

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