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Evolution of Osteopathic Graduate Medical Education: Integration of Osteopathic Principles and Practice in Postdoctoral Training

William W. Lemley, DO; Karen M. Steele, DO; William E. Shires, MA; and Richard M. McMahan, BA
Notes and Affiliations
Notes and Affiliations

Received: February 17, 2006

Accepted: May 19, 2006

Published: November 1, 2007

J Osteopath Med; 107(11): 495-501

Osteopathic principles and practice (OPP) are considered the core, distinguishing elements of the osteopathic medical profession. As such, the American Osteopathic Association introduced Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institutions (OPTIs) in 1995 to further incorporate OPP into osteopathic graduate medical education. The current study describes the evolution of the OPP teaching programs at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) in Lewisburg in conjunction with its OPTI consortium, the Mountain State OPTI. Developments in distance-learning technology, lecture and workshop curricula for graduate and undergraduate students, and faculty training are described. In addition, elements of “telehealth” technology, including administrative support, and trainee and student evaluations of the programs are examined. It is hoped that the description of WVSOM’s curricular evolution and the emphasis on meeting the needs of OPP program attendees will assist other osteopathic medical schools in developing their own unique OPP programs.

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