Getting “Beyond the Barriers” in Reforming Osteopathic Medical Education

John R. Gimpel, DO, MEd
Notes and Affiliations
Notes and Affiliations

Received: February 17, 2006

Accepted: July 18, 2006

Published: July 1, 2007

J Osteopath Med; 107(7): 270-275

As the healthcare needs of the United States change, some leaders at colleges of osteopathic medicine and osteopathic graduate medical education programs have embraced one very important and timeless goal: to prepare future physicians to meet society’s health needs. These medical educators have made significant strides toward moving “beyond the barriers” to effect curricular reform and quality improvement at their institutions. Some of the barriers to osteopathic medical education reform are addressed in this article, which recommends allowing curricular evolution and faculty development; expanding clinical learning and teaching; breaking down departmental walls; integrating osteopathic principles and practice; reevaluating admission requirements of colleges of osteopathic medicine; and eradicating the unspoken and, ironically, often detrimental culture of medicine, which can be contrary to compassionate patient care and healing.

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