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Iliac Crest Herniation Secondary to Autogenous Bone Grafting Found on Osteopathic Examination

Christine J. Ou, DO; William C. Sternfeld, MD; and Julie M. Stausmire, MSN, ACNS-BC
Notes and Affiliations
Notes and Affiliations

Accepted: February 27, 2015

Published: August 1, 2015

J Osteopath Med; 115(8): 518-521

Surgical repair of difficult or nonunion fractures is frequently performed with autogenous bone grafts, most commonly from the iliac crest. Complications from this procedure may include vessel injury, nerve injury, pelvic instability, bowel herniation, and ileus. The authors report a case of iliac crest herniation in a patient presenting with a small-bowel obstruction 2 years after anterior iliac crest graft harvest for an open reduction and internal fixation repair of a right humeral shaft fracture. An emergency operation revealed that the right colon had herniated through an opening in the right iliac crest. The appendix had adhered to new osseous bone formed postoperatively, requiring an appendectomy. The hernia defect was successfully repaired with polypropylene mesh. A high index of suspicion for graft site herniation is needed for patients with a history of iliac crest bone grafting who present with symptoms of abdominal pain, flank or hip pain, ileus, or small-bowel obstruction.

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