Nonprofit Board Membership for Health Care Professionals: Honor or Responsibility?

Joyce M. Johnson, DO, MA, RADM, USPHS (ret), and James A. Calderwood, BSE, BSN, RN
Notes and Affiliations
Notes and Affiliations

Received: May 5, 2016

Accepted: June 21, 2016

Published: September 1, 2016

J Osteopath Med; 116(9): 620-626

Physicians and other health care professionals are often invited to serve on nonprofit boards. Although service on a nonprofit board is an honor, it carries a large responsibility. Many health care professionals are unaware of the level of commitment and involvement board service requires, particularly fiduciary boards, which have accompanying risks and legal functions. In the present article, the authors describe the activities and responsibilities of a fiduciary board member. They also provide a checklist of questions to ask before agreeing to serve on a board and discuss how to decide whether one is the right fit for a specific board position.

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