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Peroneus Longus Rupture at Its Origin Managed With Platelet Rich Plasma

Britney Else, DO; T. Jeffery Emel, MD; Thomas Kern, MD; Lamont E. Cavanagh, MD; and Thomas W. Allen, DO, MPH
Notes and Affiliations
Notes and Affiliations

Accepted: July 24, 2015

Published: October 1, 2015

J Osteopath Med; 115(10): 622-624

Tears of the peroneus longus muscle are unusual, and typically involve the distal insertion at the musculotendon junction. Although tears of the mid-portion of the peroneus longus muscle/tendon complex have been reported, no reports of a tear at the origin of the peroneus muscle have been published, to the authors’ knowledge. Herein a case of proximal peroneus longus muscle tear and its subsequent management with platelet rich plasma is reported.

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