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Rotator cuff injuries: improving identification with bedside ultrasound

Casey McGillicuddy, MD, MPH; and Douglas Haus, DO, FAAEM
J Osteopath Med; 123(8): 411-412

Superior-medial pole of the bipartate patella

Pin-Yi Tu, MD; Chao-Hsin Huang, MD; and Paul Pei-Hsi Chou, MD
J Osteopath Med; 123(8): 413-414

Haglund deformity of the posterior heel

Mackenzie Pargeon, BS; and Lindsay Tjiattas-Saleski, DO, MBA, FACOEP, FACOFP
J Osteopath Med; 123(7): 365-366

Rosacea with pustules and papules

Remie Saab, MD; and Robert Hostoffer, DO
J Osteopath Med; 123(6): 325-326

Superficial spreading melanoma within a nevus spilus

Jennifer Racanelli, DO; Mairead Moloney, BS; and Louis Siegel, DO, FAAD
J Osteopath Med; 123(4): 223-224

Annular bullous lesions in a child from Uganda: chronic bullous disease of childhood

Austin B. Ambur, DO; Timothy A. Nyckowski, DO; and Aashni Bhukhan, BS
J Osteopath Med; 123(3): 177-178

Perichondritis: a case of swollen ear

Vladislav Mordach, DO; and Andy Little, DO
J Osteopath Med; 123(2): 123-124

Isolated nevus unius lateralis in a patient from Uganda

Austin B. Ambur, DO; and Timothy A. Nyckowski, DO
J Osteopath Med; 123(2): 121-122

Acute pericarditis confirmed by coronary computed tomography angiogram

Rohan Madhu Prasad, DO; and Christopher A. Hanson, MD
J Osteopath Med; 122(12): 643-644

Leukoderma with perifollicular sparing: a diagnostic clue of cutaneous onchocerciasis

Austin B. Ambur, DO; and Timothy A. Nyckowski, DO
J Osteopath Med; 123(1): 57-58