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Toward the use of medical scent detection dogs for COVID-19 screening

Tommy Dickey, PhD, MS, MA, and Heather Junqueira, CVT
Current testing for COVID-19 is typically reliant upon collection of nasal swab samples from subjects, which can be intrusive, time-consuming, and subject to high false negative as well as false positive rates. In this narrative review, the author describes 4 recent studies demonstrating a high level of sensitivity, specificity, and overall success rates for the use of trained scent detection dogs to detect volatile organic compounds associated with COVID-19; the results of those studies were comparable to or better than the current standard procedures, yielding a promising option for nonintrusive testing in large public settings.
J Osteopath Med; 1(2): 141-148

Robotic microsurgical spermatic cord denervation for chronic orchialgia: a case series

Michael A. Goedde, BS; Kristy D. Nguyen, MD; and Kellen B. Choi, DO
The authors describe an adaptation and improvement of spermatic cord microdenervation technique that leverages the robotic surgical training common for new urologists and is also accessible for urologists not specifically trained in microsurgery.
J Osteopath Med; 1(1): 29-34