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Establishing osteopathic assessments to fulfill osteopathic recognition standards: a model for dermatology and other subspecialties

Scott J. Mahlberg, DO; Yujie Linda Liou, DO; and Jenifer Lloyd, DO
In this Commentary, based on the results of a literature review, the authors propose a model to provide a focused osteopathic assessment for the purposes of maintaining Osteopathic Recognition within residency training programs based on the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education’s six core competencies. Examples of multiple choice and essay questions are provided, as is a rubric for grading. The model is applied to the field of dermatology in this article but proposed as a blueprint for other subspecialties.
J Osteopath Med; 121(9): 739-745

Measuring Awareness, Interest, and Involvement in the Osteopathic Community Through Board Certification: A Survey of DO Residents in ACGME-Accredited Training Programs

Shannon C. Scott, DO; Elizabeth M. O’Connor, DO; and Robert A. Marlow, MD, MA
J Osteopath Med; 109(6): 302-311

Incorporating a Mandatory Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) Curriculum in Clinical Clerkships: Impact on Student Attitudes Toward Using OMM

Ann Y. Teng, DO; Richard R. Terry, DO, MBA; and Robert J. Blue, MA, MS, OMS I
J Osteopath Med; 111(4): 219-224

Deformations Experienced in the Human Skin, Adipose Tissue, and Fascia in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Hans Chaudhry, PhD; Bruce Bukiet, PhD; Zhiming Ji, PhD; Antonio Stecco, MD; and Thomas W. Findley, MD, PhD
J Osteopath Med; 114(10): 780-787

Effect of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment on Middle Ear Effusion Following Acute Otitis Media in Young Children: A Pilot Study

Karen M. Steele, DO; Jane E. Carreiro, DO; Judith Haug Viola, DO; Josephine A. Conte, DO; and Lance C. Ridpath, MS
J Osteopath Med; 114(6): 436-447

Sleep and Lifestyle Habits of Osteopathic Emergency Medicine Residents During Training

Feiming Li, PhD; John R, Gimpel, DO; Ethan Arenson, MA; Hao Song, PhD; Bruce P. Bates, DO; and Fredric Ludwin, DO
J Osteopath Med; 114(4): 260-266

Quantitative Description of Medical Student Interest in Neurology and Psychiatry

Raddy L. Ramos, PhD; Joshua A. Cuoco, MS, OMS III; Erik Guercio, MA; and Thomas Levitan, MEd
The authors estimate medical student interest in neurology and psychiatry based on numbers of applicants and matches to neurology and psychiatry osteopathic and allopathic residency programs.
J Osteopath Med; 116(7): 462-471

Management of Cesarean Deliveries and Cesarean Scars With Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment: A Brief Report

Daniel Martingano, DO
The author presents 4 cases of cesarean delivery in which osteopathic manipulative treatment was integrated with successful outcomes.
J Osteopath Med; 116(7): e22-e30

PROMOTE Study: Safety of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment During the Third Trimester by Labor and Delivery Outcomes

Kendi L. Hensel, DO, PhD; Brandy M. Roane, PhD; Anita Vikas Chaphekar, OMS III; and Peggy Smith-Barbaro, PhD
The authors evaluate the safety of an OMT protocol applied during the third trimester of pregnancy by analyzing incidence of high-risk status and labor and delivery outcomes.
J Osteopath Med; 116(11): 698-703

Multicenter Osteopathic Pneumonia Study in the Elderly: Subgroup Analysis on Hospital Length of Stay, Ventilator-Dependent Respiratory Failure Rate, and In-Hospital Mortality Rate

Donald R. Noll, DO; Brian F. Degenhardt, DO; and Jane C. Johnson, MA
The authors report subgroup analyses from the Multicenter Osteopathic Pneumonia Study in the Elderly (MOPSE) relating to hospital length of stay, ventilator-dependent respiratory failure rate, and in-hospital mortality rate.
J Osteopath Med; 116(9): 574-587